Motorcycle Rider Characteristics

For many people, there is nothing like the feeling of hopping on their bike and heading out on the open road. Their reasons for doing so are as unique as they are: some appreciate the quality of a superbly crafted bike. Others love the sense of freedom. Some find it peaceful and others love listening to the rhythmic hum of the engine. Many enjoy the biker community and the people they meet.
Many car and truck drivers can’t understand why anyone would want to ride a motorcycle. For riders, it’s hard to understand why anyone wouldn’t.
Drivers of four-wheeled vehicles, though, have a point. Motorcyclists face a variety of unique hazards and other drivers on the road who sometimes seem blind to anything on two wheels.

Work Hard Ride Hard
Another reason to ride a motorcycle? It burns about 40 calories more per hour than driving a car! That’s because it’s demanding. Physically, you must be able to maintain your balance even as you lean into corners at higher speeds or navigate traffic at slower speeds. This can be difficult.
There is also mental effort involved. Distractions can kill you. You have to be continually aware of your surroundings and other drivers. And you need to make sure that they are aware of you. Road conditions (e.g., slippery roads, wet leaves and gravel-covered roads when leaning into a turn) pose more of a hazard to you as well, so you have to remain on the lookout constantly. Motorcyclists are always “on.” If you forget to use your turn signal, if you go too fast, if you don’t watch out for changes in the pavement, if you don’t consider the dangers that are coming at you from literally all directions, you can find yourself in dire circumstances.

They are as safe as the people operating them.
Yes, there are risks. You must decide if it is worth it to you and if you have the physical and mental wherewithal to effectively manage a bike in all conditions – whether you’re facing stretches of empty road or congested city streets.
Riders who truly appreciate the benefits and cannot imagine a life without their motorcycles accept the risk and do everything within their power to mitigate it, avoid accidents, and drive safely and responsibly.

Adventurous: Attitude is the difference between an adventure and an ordeal.
Riding is permeated by a deep sense of adventure. Maybe it stems from the increased practicality that calls on motorcycle riders to constantly explore the roads untraveled and embark on quests for hidden gems, motorcycles are a universal symbol of adventure.
It’s no wonder that this affinity for adventures extends beyond the road and into various other aspects of riders’ multi-dimensional lives. They tend to love extreme and combat sports, they rarely settle for the status quo and are generally drawn to active lifestyles that keep them on their toes.

Self-Sufficient: Fearlessness. “Once you become fearless, life becomes limitless.
Anyone who pledges love to a one-seat vehicle can’t be the clingy type. A motorcycle is like an extension of its rider, a personal travel companion that’s usually all the company a rider need.
And that self-sufficiency isn’t just limited to the lack of extra seats. Motorcycle riders tend to do their best to take care of their bikes themselves as much as possible instead of solely relying on professional services. Working on their beloved machine, constantly tweaking, fixing, and upgrading different components brings riders almost as much joy as riding itself.
Riding a motorcycle is considered a privilege. Most bikers have at least a decent arsenal of tools, skills, and the know-how to use them, before giving up and calling a professional for assistance. This self-sufficiency is as much of a spontaneous trait as it is one, born out of necessity. Bikers often need to adapt on the fly and make adjustments on the road.

Primal Love for Motorcycles
Riders might have other dream motorcycles, or things they’d like to upgrade, but you’ll never see a biker who treats his machine carelessly or with lack of fervor, no matter how old and battered it may look. Every scratch on a bike is a memory, an experience, a mark of the deep bond it has built with its rider over the years. That relationship is comparable only to a cowboy and his loyal horse.

Loyal: Ride big or go home
Few groups and sub-cultures rival motorcycle riders in terms of the unfaltering loyalty and camaraderie that brings them together. This is one of the most widely popular traits which has rightfully been romanticized in many stories, films and songs. The concept of brotherhood makes the story resonate with both riders and anyone else with a romantic bone in their body.

Despite having a reputation for being reckless, motorcycle riders actually have to have twice the awareness of a regular driver in order to make up for bikes’ inherent lack of safety features.
This awareness often transcends the road as well, as riders often demonstrate higher adaptability in many aspects of their lives that perhaps reinforces their signature self-sufficiency.
Bikers are arguably the most distinctive drivers, both on and off the road. Riding a motorcycle is, at the very least, a passion that can’t be stifled by higher risks or inconveniences; and at its best, it’s a romanticized lifestyle, a culture, a movement, uniting people from virtually all walks of life around a vehicle that gets their hearts racing, whether they’re riding it or simply talking about it.

“My mind is cautious but my heart is in a hurry.”
When the open road beckons, that is your call to adventure. The adventurous biker grabs opportunities and his open attitude towards the unknown is what drives him to new heights and experience. It goes without saying that the adventurous biker is always cautious. If that means filling up on fuel and making sure the bike is ready to go then so be it. Safety is, after all, the most important mantra for thrill-seekers everywhere.

Once you become fearless, life becomes limitless.”
The only thing to fear is fear itself. One of the most important traits of a biker is that he approaches every day with a fearless attitude because only when you overcome that, you are limitless in your drive and rearing to go after your passions.

You only fail when you stop trying.”
The safety-minded, adventurous biker is also resilient because he knows that despite life’s odds, he will not back down. In fact, this is a trait that comes in handy in all his life’s endeavors.
Bikers the world over have all been through the frustrating process of trying to explain why they are so attached to their bike to people who don’t ride one. In most cases, it feels like trying to explain algorithmic principles to a three-year-old. It just doesn’t click. 

Perhaps that is why motorcyclists bond so well and so strongly together that they call themselves a brotherhood or sisterhood! They can share the love for bikes, as well as the frustration which comes with being misunderstood. That is also why they all share a number of common traits and characteristics. Name any one of these traits to a seasoned biker and they will nod solemnly in acknowledgement and agreement.  
If you’re a biker, you will probably recognize yourself in some or all of these signs. If that is indeed the case, then you’re a certified biker at heart, through and through.

  • You spend more money on bike apparel than anything else: Guilty as charged. You are unable to pass by a shop with biker apparel, accessories, technology and whatnot without giving in to temptation. Even if that means buying your 11th biker jacket.
  • You have more photos of your bike than of your children: And of you with your bike. And of your friends and their bikes. You’re not ashamed in the least. With a bike that looks THAT good, especially after a wash, it’s almost sinful not to capture it in a couple of snaps. Make that five.
  • You live for road trips: 
    Whatever else happens is just an in-between. You do the nod or the wave when a fellow biker passes you by. You’re either nostalgic about one or planning for another road trip. The reason why you love them so much lies in my next point.
  • Happiness is an open road on wheels: Nothing else quite beats the freedom a biker experiences when he or she’s on the road, either alone or with others. The wind beating against your face, your engine purring beneath you and nothing to stop you from making each road trip an enjoyable one for the memory books. It’s the balance of fun and excitement a biker needs to get to his destination and back successfully and plan for his/her next road trip.
  • You check the weather every day to see whether you can safely take your bike out: You don’t really care for the weather. All you care about is when you can take your bike out and when you can’t (let’s all admit to having performed a small happy dance when the weather clears after long days of nothing but rain).
  • You recognize biker friends by their exhaust sounds:  There’s nothing like the sweet melody of pistons, the glorious loping engine exhaust sounds of the Harley, the scary yet amazing sounds of the Kawasaki, Honda and Yamaha.
  • Nothing makes you happier than your trusty bike: It was there when the world came crashing down around you and it was there to take you to extreme heights when you were at your happiest. It truly is incomparable.
  • Everyone has that one thing in life to which we cling because it makes us happy, perhaps they define what we believe in or perhaps because it helps us fit in with the community which makes us feel part of something. For every motorcyclist, that thing is their bike. If you can recognize yourself in the signs above, then you’re one of the family. Enjoy the ride and remember that safety is the most important factor! 
    LOVE LIFE, ENJOY THE RIDE. Motivate and uplift others along the way.

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